Verses from the Adventurous Heart of Squamish

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Explore the natural beauty and unique character of Squamish, BC through this evocative poem that captures the essence of this outdoor haven.


In the heart of Squamish, where mountains rise,
A vibrant landscape, meets our eyes,
A realm of wonder, where nature thrives,
And souls awaken, as we strive.

In granite arms, The Chief holds fast,
To ancient secrets, from the past,
And climbers dare, to reach its peak,
The summit’s wisdom, they do seek.

The howling wind, the water’s dance,
Call forth the kitesurfers to prance,
A graceful union, sea and air,
In Squamish waters, without care.

Through forests dense, and trails unknown,
The mountain bikers find their zone,
Their tires tread, on earth and stone,
In this wild haven, they call home.

The runners’ feet, swift and light,
Trail through the woods, with pure delight,
For every step, in Squamish land,
Brings strength and solace, close at hand.

A town where dogs, outnumber men,
Their wagging tails, and loyal grins,
For every breed, and every size,
Squamish, a canine paradise.

Yet as we search, for homes to dwell,
Real estate soars, like The Chief as well,
And finding rentals, a quest so bold,
For Squamish tales, still untold.

In this haven, we call Squamish,
A tale of beauty, adventure, and bliss,
For amidst the peaks, and raging seas,
We find ourselves, wild and free.

Written by Lior Ishai.

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