The Sea to Sky Adventure of a Lifetime: Discover Squamish’s Breathtaking Sights from Above

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Join a local reporter as they recount their unforgettable experience soaring above the Tantalus Range and the untamed Squamish backcountry.


Tucked away between towering mountains and the tranquil ocean, Squamish is home to some of the most breathtaking vistas in British Columbia. As a local reporter, I recently had the opportunity to experience these stunning landscapes from a unique perspective: through a scenic flight. Join me as I recount my unforgettable journey soaring above the Tantalus Range and the untamed Squamish backcountry.

A Glimpse of the Tantalus Range and Beyond: The 35-minute flight commenced from the Squamish airport, quickly ascending towards the majestic Tantalus Range. The pilot, well-versed in the region’s geology and history, provided insightful commentary as we traversed the skies. Equipped with a two-way headset and microphone, I was able to engage in fascinating conversations with the pilot while taking in the awe-inspiring views.

The flight path encompassed a variety of landscapes, including the mighty Rumbling Glacier, the sparkling Lake Lovely Water, the serene Howe Sound fjord, and the pristine Squamish wilderness. Gliding amongst the iconic summits of Alpha, Ossa, and Omega mountains, we came face-to-face with the colossal Rumbling, Serratus, and Zenith glaciers.

Discovering Squamish’s Hidden Gems: As we soared above the backcountry, it became apparent that we were traversing areas only inhabited by grizzly bears, goats, eagles, and the occasional intrepid mountaineer. The pilot shared stories about secret waterfalls, alpine lakes, and jagged peaks, offering a glimpse into a side of Squamish that many locals and visitors might never have the chance to witness.

A Safe and Enjoyable Experience: Though the scenic flight was exhilarating, safety remained a top priority. The aircraft was clean and well-maintained, and staff at the airport adhered to physical distancing protocols. While masks were not required on board, passengers had the option to wear them if they felt more comfortable doing so.

Embarking on a scenic flight above Squamish’s captivating landscapes proved to be an enlightening and unforgettable experience. The unique vantage point offered an unparalleled perspective of the Tantalus Range and the mesmerizing Squamish backcountry. As a local reporter, I found myself marveling at the beauty of my own backyard, gaining a newfound appreciation for the enchanting region I call home.

For those who have never ventured above Squamish’s landscapes, I highly recommend seizing the opportunity to embark on a scenic flight. It is truly an awe-inspiring journey that showcases the splendor of our town and the surrounding wilderness. Whether you’re a long-time resident or a visitor exploring Squamish for the first time, this remarkable adventure will undoubtedly leave you with a lasting impression of the area’s natural beauty.

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